Policy on food safety

Cudié Chocolates hold to the commitment to:

  • Foster, at all times, the providing of the resources that are needed to manage food safety, quality, risk prevention and occupational health, and the environment, involving all personnel from the business and our contributors.
  • Moving forward with the continued improvement of our management system.
  • Fulfilling the law and required agreements from clients, which apply to us in regards to food safety and the quality of our products, environmental management and work environment risk protection.
  • Identify our client’s needs and completing their requirements so they are fully satisfied.
  • Work so as to avoid any contamination and minimize the environmental effects that are a result of our activities.
  • Consider it the responsibility of our entire staff to take action regarding any repercussions on the contamination of our products, quality, the environment or the health of our employees.
  • Develop training activities so that all personnel know, participate and apply the Management System, while at the same time allowing for the continued improvement of our projects development.
  • Strengthen the technical and human tools while making them profitable so as to achieve the established economic and management goals, and also achieving the highest quality of our products and services as we respect the environment and prevent risks.
  • Ensure that sub-contracted business apply the same principles for their management.
  • Inform all our employees and contributors of this policy, as well as anyone who requests it.
  • Inform all parties involved (clients, providers, subcontractors and health authorities) of any significant emergency when it relates to food safety.
  • Establish measurable objectives to review the continued improvement of efficiency and effectiveness of our management system.

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